Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New items & New designs

So maybe you wonder if creativity really did do its trick after the last inspiration post? Oh yep, it sure did!
I pulled out some fabrics and cut some here and there and attached some buttons and lace.
Ta da~!

A couple easter dresses for the store!

I used some fabric with my designs from Spoonflower. Rarely do I ever order fabric from there but now that things ahve taken off with the blanket sales, I splurged on a couple yards for fun projects! I might find a good project to put for sale as "made to order", but so far I've been using random snaps and old vintage lace. Hard to replicate anything when I do that..

When I sew, I never use patterns or plan the exact outcome before I dive in.. That means the outcome sometimes isn't at all what I had sort of envisioned or hoped for, but then sometimes it really works out!

And when I work with pretty fabrics in fun colors, vintage lace and all sort of ideas, and cute models to pose with the end result... The whole process is fun!

I've been making more new designs for Spoonflower for future projects. Some designs are centered around their contest of the week, but lately I've just had many ideas that finally took form & worked out.

Here's a collage of random designs from random new collections...

Also I had two fun new "projects" to do!
I was contacted by a fellow Etsy Shop owner who liked my shop banner, and wanted me to make her a new one! Of course - how fun!

I made the banner, avatar & custom listing design and luckily, she was pleased with the results!

Sometimes when you don't know a person or their style, it's hard to know what type design would appeal to them. I ask if the person wanting a design likes bold or earth tone colors, modern or plain, sweet or funky.
Apparently the designs I did for Lil Cleo were a hit, because a few days later I got another request from someone who had seen her banner & wanted one too!

This time, I was asked to work with more milder earth tones, not the bold ones I had used earlier.

It was fun to come up with many different versions & then she chose what she liked.
When designing & creating, I never take offense. I often ask for other people's opinion & input, and would love to hear "maybe tweak this" or "change it all!" rather than "it all looks fine". Often when you've stared too long at something you made, you become blind to it. It's hard to see if it's really working out. A good advice is to step away from the computer and view the design from a distance, or even to wait a while or a couple days before viewing it again. Then you have a fresh mind & can see what needs to be changed.

Yesterday I sent out the orders from the psiadoreyou sale! Exciting & a bit nervous - - I always want people to like what they buy from me of course, but what if they don't?? Aarghh I worry too much.

I have a pile of ides for all the fabric left from ordering the swaddle blankets. My hands & mind are itching to get started! Hopefully it will all work out & not end up in the scrap pile! 
Come back for updates!

Friday, February 8, 2013


Do you shop a lot online? I do, but it's only a lot of window shopping.
Sometimes I add items to my cart, and when I'm done dreaming I click on the red X and close the entire window without ever actually going through checkout. It's cheaper that way.

I also shop for inspiration. Etsy is great for this. Aimless clicking from someone's profile to favorites to a new shop and so on. Or a detailed search. Pretty much any way you surf the land of Etsy, you will enjoy it.

After I had my blankets featured on Brickyard Buffalo and then psiadoreyou, I was contacted by a pile more sites asking to feature my products. I was very flattered, but couldn't commit to much more at this point. The interesting part was, I had not heard of so many of these sites! How many flash sale sites really exist out there? Do I ever have to pay full price for anything, like ever again?? Probably not.

My biggest problem with shopping is that it makes me think I need so much. I have to say I am not known to spend money on things I don't need, but I don't like having a pile of "wants" either. "Wants" make you unsatisfied, and that's not grand at all.

So from one side of the issue to another... Now that we know we shouldn't WANT and most definitely not buy what we don't need, here let me show you some nifty finds.

Brickyard Buffalo is featuring this deal this week. I like it! I don't usually tend to like the overdone trends, and in general, your child's name on the wall is one of those. But these wooden cut-outs appeal to me for some reason. Go check them out! At $11.95 they're a pretty good deal too!

Then I have a list of etsy finds worth sharing...

This adorable dress in one of my favorite stores... mishmashclothing.etsy.com

An awesome hoodie that unfortunately is out of my price range...

Fantastic Baby Shoes (vibys @ Etsy)

(etsy store once again)

Gold pillow cases... Aahh.. Why do I like these so much?? I thought I didn't even like Gold! 

I  love all of these for inspiration. I don't copy and item I see, so how do they inspire me? The colors of the dress are fabulous together. Inspires me to make a new design. The hoodie is mainly one big fat WANT, but it gave me inspiration to make a wrap cardigan for my friend the other week. Yay she loved it! I used the same pleats/folds along the edges - besides that I guess nothing looked the same. The baby shoes inspire me to actually make baby shoes one day. I totally know I could, but why has this to-do been on my list for years without actually happening??
The gold pillows inspire me to dare to use gold. I actually want to do this:
Fantastic wall from "Oh Joy!"

I'm thinking a pale pink wall with these gold dots in my girl's room. Now to actually DO this...

After writing this post I feel lazier than ever. It's kind of like an after-pinterest feeling, where you've felt so creative browsing all the things you are SO GONNA DO just to realize two hours were spent doing nothing... All right, off I go! Creativity has hit!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

PS I Adore You

photo by mishmashclothing.etsy.com

I have another great deal on a flash sale site today!
This time, psiadoreyou.com is featuring my chevron quilt blankets! And the elf hats I designed. I have these items for sale in my etsy store - but this week you can snab them for a great deal! The best part is, this site benefits children with cancer. All vendors send samples that will be donated to the brave children featured on their blog, and part of the profit goes to help these families too. Check out their blog and read about these heartbreaking but powerful stories!

The elf hats come in sizes from newborn to 2T (can easily fit a 3-4 year old too) and are available in pink and blue designs.

The swaddle quilts are extra large and printed on the softest organic cotton! Pink collection for the girls..

and blue collection for the boys!! 

They will be your baby's favorites in no time, and yours too, with the fun prints!

I have been getting new ideas for new designs, and am anxiously awaiting the fabric to arrive for all the blankets I sold through Brickyard Buffalo! The deal sold out the first day - yay!! I can't believe it!

Have a great day - I think spring is right around the corner here in Washington! It feels fantastic outside with warmer weather and the air smells fresh! Perhaps Groundhog was right!