Friday, March 22, 2013

Brickyard Buffalo Deal

A few days late to post this, but I have swaddle blankets on sale on Brickyard Buffalo again!

Check out the deal HERE

My very snuggly baby :)

Chevron Slices

Greige Feathers

Nautical Scallops

Blue Scallops

Looks like we already ran out of the "chevron slice" design, but there's a few left of other designs!

My Etsy store has really been busy since I started doing sales this year. So much fun, and feels fantastic to be making money off my designs from Spoonflower!
I got the largest single order yet last weekend. Twenty blankets & hats to a set of preemie twins in the United Arab Emirates. Wowza! It's a rush order and I already got the fabric yesterday, so today I'm cutting into it! It's so exciting to get orders this big, and with the massive amount of other stores offering hats and blankets on Etsy, I feel so privileged that I was picked!

So for the large order, I got ten boy designs...

and ten girl designs!

Some of the designs she picked were definitely surprising to me, but it makes it extra fun to make some swaddle blankets that are not your average baby style!

Now off to MAKING all hats & blankets :)

PS! All my designs at Spoonflower are available to make any outfit in my Etsy store. Feel free to ask if you have something special in mind!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

pellerina @ Etsy

new additions to the store!

see how snuggly they are?? :)

Etsy and Easter and Deals..

This blog isn't' getting updated like you'd expect, with me launching new designs & wanting to expand Etsy store etc. Crazy thing is I've been so busy I forgot I even started this blog.

I have had another sale at Brickyard Buffalo, and yet another one coming up!
This week I will be busy making the Easter dresses for the sale I just had. I ordered my last designs on Spoonflower's Kona Cotton, and am SO pleased with how soft and nice it is!

And my model loved the dress!
I used stretch knit for edging of the armholes and neckline, which makes the dress comfy and professionally edged at the same time.

And a new twist to this dress is the fact that the sash around the waist is stretch knit!
You can use it as a headband with the dress, since the dress with its simple A-line but pretty fabrics is fine without a sash too!

The sale went great again - sold out in a couple days! I feel very privileged to be featured as a vendor on Brickyard Buffalo - I never knew how big the site is, how many followers it has, and how awesome their sales are, until I was featured!

I have been busy sewing some and cleaning a bit taking care of kids a lot.
My family has to come first when it comes to all my hobbies - so sometimes designing falls behind and that's just fine. I can always do that whenever I have time, but the children will not wait for me to get done designing to grow up.

Stay tuned for more info on upcoming Brickyard Buffalo feature! Brand new designs for swaddle blankets -- at a great price!!

Have a great Day!