Wednesday, May 22, 2013

100th customer & sale

********UPDATE!! I had my 100th (and 101st) sale this morning so now the sale code is up! Use code 100SALES for 15% off your entire purchase!*******

My 100th sale is coming up in my Etsy store!
Surprise deal for you, dear 100th customer, and I decided to have a storewide sale
to follow this 100th sale.

Be the one -- sales have been picking up so don't miss out on being the 100th customer!
Don't forget that I love custom orders & and am able to use any of my designs for any
item in my store.

View my designs here.

Monday, May 20, 2013

One piece outfits.

The cutest thing you can dress a newborn baby in is a one-piece outfit.
Normally, they have a onesie neckline, but I have added snaps on little
plaques for a unique design that's still totally practical.

I can make these in newborn size up to 12m. 
In almost any design you can dream of.




Romantic roses???

The popular sorbet collection?

or maybe mod style wallpaper? (damask)

It's all possible, dear friends :)

The chevron slices one-piece will be featured in an upcoming event. Stay tuned!

Monday, May 13, 2013

A Cloudy Day

Today was cloudy. And windy. And then it poured down rain.
And then the sun came. And it was summer.
Until the wind picked up again. And it rained cats and dogs.

I was inspired, I guess!
Made a new collection called "A Cloudy Day", inspired
by the recent raindrops/raincloud trend and an upcoming contest at
Spoonflower that calls for "mod" designs.

Let me know what you love & dislike about my collection as well as
what trends you love.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

pellerina design @ etsy

A few sales, a ton of orders and many new items later..

Summer is right around the corner.
This dress will be gorgeous when you bring the princess girl along to celebrate mother's day!

After many requests, I decided to stock one-piece outfits for babies!!
Coming home outfits, newborn or bigger sizes are available.
Pick from all my designs to have the softest, most stylish outfit for your new miracle!

Sorbet feathers and polka dots on kona cotton.
I will get this dress pattern drafted soon and hopefully can post a tutorial and sell pattern in shop.

Oh dear.

But a cute comfy unisex outfit will make your baby so snuggly for summer!
Aqua fabric with a modern red chevron print.
Pellerina Design.