Monday, September 30, 2013

Made In Mag features Pellerina Design!

My life's been a busy whirlwind lately. I'm not sure if it has ever NOT been a whirlwind, but there is a lot happening and Blog has been neglected.. 

Here is a sneek peak of something crazy exciting I've been up to...

Sneak Peak 
(don't tell anyone but that photo of me is taken by my dear 4 year old...)

The awesome brand new "Made in Magazine" has a sneak peak into the 2nd issue coming in November.
And yours truly is featured! 

It will be exciting and slightly scary to see myself and my business mentioned in print (not really, the mag is only online so far)! Hoping to generate more traffic to my store.

Besides this, I've been busy sewing many orders, designing new prints, and trying to plan for a sewing class I somehow got roped into! Working on that now. I'll be teaching a three hour class on making stretch knit skirts for children -- but I always doubt I have anything to teach! It seems like everything I know must be common sense to everyone else too.

Fall is here and I'm loving it so far!
Pretty soon, the Holidays will be here & time for SALES!
...and who doesn't like that?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Brickyard Buffalo!

Brickyard Buffalo is having FREE SHIPPING week!!

My swaddle blankets are featured, and they are selling out fast!

How can you resist that sweet face?

Tribal Diamond pattern and nautical chevron STOCK ADDED!!

Happy shopping!