Tuesday, January 21, 2014

onesie welcome home baby outfits

One of my best selling items has been the one-piece baby outfits.
They are time consuming to make, but the absolutely best result to see.
I felt like I was a bit overwhelmed last fall before I put the store on vacation for a while, so I had
to weigh the pros and cons of my Etsy hobby, and decide where to cut the stress.

First, I decided I really didn't enjoy making crib sheets at all.
They are terribly simple to make, and I'm sure they brighten up many nurseries, but there
are plenty of crib bedding stores on Etsy.
So out they went!
Second, I knew I dreaded getting orders for the one pieces.
I love onesie/one-piece outfits for my babies myself, and they are SO fun to design,
but not to mass produce!

So I am not stocking them in the store, but rather adding them on a ready-to-ship basis
as I feel like making them.

Well, I have to admit I accept them as custom orders --- ssshh!!

The fox one at the top was only listed a couple days before someone snabbed it.
Right now, this pink chevron outfit with the elf hat is for sale & ready to ship!

I love the extra long cuffs on this one. This piece will grow with your baby a bit longer than
the standard newborn sizes.
I enjoy making every one a little different with extra details here and there.

And when I have scraps left of fabric that's a bit too nice to get rid of, I have to make a piece
that will work!

So the pattern on the yoke is cut a big higher...

and the front pattern a bit longer. 

And then I added the softest stretch knit you ever did see!
I love the gray striped fabric.
The fabric with the houses is something I designed long time ago and for

Keep watching for new items! I'm on a roll!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pellerina deals...

What's better than a sale?
Not much, but a very good deal that's not just temporary might be even better!

I've decided to offer my swaddle blankets in two packs for a discount!
I've started by adding my best selling prints for now..

Blue Chevron and Gold Polka Dots

Mod Mint Triangles and Gray Deer Silhouettes

Pellerina Swaddle Blankets are printed in the USA. They are made of the
softest Organic Cotton, in a perfect size to swaddle your newborn or for tucking in baby in the carseat.
When baby gets older this blanket works awesome as a snuggly lovey blanket.
Moms love Pellerina Blankets because of the designs and how soft they are for their baby's skin.
The plain prints in bold colors are so fun for baby to look at!

If you have other designs in mind you'd want to see in a set, just contact me
and I will gladly make more options available.

See you at Pellerina Design!!