Saturday, March 15, 2014

Pellerina on Etsy -- CLOSING SOON!

Pellerina Design on Etsy will be closing after this month.
I have made a decision to move in a new direction -- I want to spend more time designing
rather than worrying about getting orders sent and fabric shipped in time.

Yesterday I bougth a new laptop through Woot -- 
it felt like a big brave move, but also a very exciting one!
With our family expanding, my sewing room needed to become another bedroom.
Sewing hasn't been as fun lately, with me being more stressed about deadlines and people
waiting for their purchases.

I will continue making new designs for Spoonflower, and hopefully other stores too!
When getting accepted at KESS, I felt like I got a big boost to keep designing.
I have applied at some other online stores too - I'll keep y'all updated!

So for now -- get your adorable swaddle blankets while you can!
At the beginning of April, Pellerina Design will close doors for a while.

We will take off with the family on a much needed vacation, and after that I will 
be busy preparing for our new baby! 

If you have custom orders -- get them in now before I'm gone!! 

And look out on PS I Adore You this week for an upcoming swaddle blanket deal!

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