Thursday, July 24, 2014

Pellerina Design and new opportunities...

It's been a while!
I am not opening my Etsy store or anything exciting like that,
but I've been busy creating designs for other companies.

Though I just have a few designs available at this point,
selling through KESS In House has been going pretty good!

Check out the products available - they often have great sales too!

This week there's quite a few things going on...

The blog "Right Sides Together" is having "Spoonflower Week",
and asked me to be the featured artist a couple days ago.
How nice! 

I also started a new relationship with Elisabeth Michael.

Elisabeth Michael is one of the classiest Etsy stores, selling shower curtains,
pillows, laundry bags and curtains. She features excellent geometric prints,
and offers Monogrammed products too.
I have been making new designs for her products.

Today she has a fantastic sale deal on -

Spoonflower is still my big hobby, of course.
I try to challenge myself to make entries for their weekly contests,
and keep things alive by submitting new designs.
I'm trying to find more information on Adobe Illustrator, working on new design ideas,
busy with new baby at home, wondering if I should reopen my Etsy store...
Life is so full of new roads to take or pass by.

Check back to see new designs -
I am hoping to get back to blogging and hopefully set up a portfolio page.

Enjoy SUMMER, everyone!!


Jessie said...

I really like Spoonflower. Once I joined I felt challenged to make more tiled patterns and I've had a lot of fun with it. It is *not* easy to get patterns perfectly tiled sometimes.

Also re: Illustrator, it took me a bit to learn it coming from just Photoshop. I was really frustrated for a while, but I almost like it better than Photoshop now.

Sylvie said...

Hey Annalie, Check this out!

Looks like she used your mod triangles design on a super cute dress. Its perfect! :)

Cathy Green Interiors said...

Hello! I am planning to purchase one of your fabrics on Spoonflower. Can you tell me the vertical repeat of it:
Thank you!

Lisa Biglin said...
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